For Extra Point Assignments:
  • Find the class that you want an extra point in.
    • Then find the section in the Math book that we are covering in class and download the practice problems. I expect you to be aware of what we have been learning in class and be able to figure out what section we are currently studying.
    • TWO sets of practice problems equals ONE point. If a set has 80 problems, we can negotiate.
  • OR work on KHAN ACADEMYfor an hour.
    • To get CREDIT:You must add me as a coach
      • On the TOP RIGHT of any page on "Khan Academy":
      • click on your username
      • On the "User Profile" page, click on "Coaches"
      • Then enter:

  • You can make up a MAXIMUM of 2 points that will count towards 90%. After that, all points will go towards your box sheet.


Algebra A1
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Algebra A5
Algebra A6


Geometry 1
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Pre-Algebra 1
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